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Make your Webflow website multilingual with Crowdin

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization software that helps you make your websites, web and mobile apps, games, help centers, emails, and other content multilingual. Grow your customer base by making your product available in languages that your target audience speaks.

To start translating your website with Crowdin, you'll need to create your localization project. With a free Jsproxy app by Crowdin, you'll be able to scan texts on your website and start translating them. Translations in Crowdin can be done by a translation agency, on your own, by your community, using machine translation engines, or you can combine these strategies.

Once the translations are done, you can add them to your website, so people can switch between languages using a drop-down. Content distribution is created automatically, so all the translations are pulled from Crowdin and displayed on your Webflow website over-the-air.

Webflow for Crowdin

To connect your Webflow website with your Crowdin localization project, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on crowdin.com or log in.
  2. At the top menu bar, go to Resources > Marketplace > find and install the Jsproxy for Crowdin app. Make it available for all your projects.
  3. Create a localization project or open an existing one where you want your content from Webflow to appear.
  4. Open your project and go to Settings > Integrations > Jsproxy for Crowdin.
  5. Enter your website URL and click Import. Your content will be scanned and added as a .json file in the Files section and ready to be translated.
  6. Translate your website in Crowdin’s translation Editor on your own or with a team of translators.
    Learn more about translating content in Crowdin.
  7. Add a language switcher to your Webflow website:

    1. Copy the JavaScript snippet displayed on the app configuration page in Crowdin.
    2. Open your Webflow project and go to Settings > Custom Code.
    3. Insert the JavaScript snippet inside the <head> tag of a page or before the </body> tag.
    4. Click Distribute to send the new translations to your website
  8. To publish translations to your Webflow website, click the Distribute button on the app configuration page in Crowdin.

You can also set up an integration with Webflow if your team is using Crowdin Enterprise

Read more about translating your Webflow website using Crowdin’s Jsproxy app.

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